Friday, May 7, 2010

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Unique Tricks to Lose Fats Around Stomach

To lose fat around stomach is indeed a wish of the many. Belly fat seems to be a problem of a lot of people. As it has been believed to be a stubborn fat, it demands effort and much discipline to cut it down. Work, stress, improper diet and lack of regular exercise contribute to the buildup of these fats around stomach. Losing these fats and getting a flat tummy can be somehow tiring but the results are indeed rewarding.

As we live a very busy life, many of us would really love to have flat abs without spending much of our money, time and effort. With this, I know that these healthy eating tips and tricks would really be helpful to lose fat around stomach.

Get rid of junk and artificial foods. These are definitely unhealthy foods that can increase blood sugar levels and may lead to sudden decline in fat burning and escalation in appetite. Junk foods have high sugar content since it is composed of sugar and carbohydrates. The remedy is to never keep cookies, biscuits, chocolates, and other sweets inside your drawers and cabins. If you do not have these kinds of foods within your reach, you may help yourself stop this bad eating habit. It does make sense, right?

Eat only the good carbohydrates. Eating carbs is important. Yet, anything that is too much is really unhealthy. There are two kinds of carbs - the good and the bad. Good carbohydrates are truly nutritious. These can be found in fruits, vegetables as well as whole grain pasta, cereals and breads.

On the other hand, bad carbohydrates are those generally loaded with lots of flavorings, colorings and other preservatives. These include candies, baked foods, sodas and other refined and processed foods. Remember to eliminate if not totally eradicate those food products that are frozen, boxed and canned from your diet. In this case, you would lose fat around stomach the healthiest and the most natural way.

Refrain from midnight snacks. Make it a habit to eat dinner earlier. Health experts say that people should only have food intakes at least three hours before bedtime. Since all we have to do is sleep and no activity has to be done, having late night meals can cause high blood sugar levels. Excess sugar turns into fat so midnight snacks can hinder your workout to that hourglass figure.

To lose fat around stomach requires strict yet balanced diet. It takes more than effort. If you really aspire to attain those flat tummies, you should possess the right attitude, positive outlook and rigid self-discipline. So, make healthy eating a habit, exercise regularly and get that fit body. Good luck. :)

♥♥♥ Myraine ♥♥♥

I Regret What I Did Today...

I shall not do this again...

However, I had a great breakfast: a slice of wheat bread, cheese and milk; for my lunch: fish (Tilapia), good amount of rice, buttered veggies (beans, carrots, corns and water chestnuts) for my side dish, and lots of water; for my dinner: oatmeal and lots of water. :)

Still, I had a BIG no-no for snacks. Boo... have to really get away from temptations... sodas and ice cream.

♥♥♥ Myraine ♥♥♥

Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 2 and 3: Watching What I Eat

Sad to say that I have to refrain from these yummy junkies and sodas... just to achieve my goals on both health and fitness. I know it would be really difficult at first. But with my fingers crossed, I believe I can surely get used to this... wooohoo... No temptations, please. :-)

Beginning today, I have to really drink glasses of water, preferably 8-10. I just found out that not-so cold water can make me shred 67 calories. That’s pretty cool because I don’t drink warm water – it doesn’t give me the satisfaction to quench my thirst. The truth is: I am not a water-drinker; I used to love sodas, juices, iced tea, chocolate drinks and worst, softdrinks. BUT, I have to change it this time… definitely. Otherwise, nothing would happen.

Water. Water. Water. Before, during and after meals… as often as I think I should.

Breakfast: a cup of coffee with creamer and less sugar, a bowl of oatmeal and lots of water.

Lunch: for my fiber-lining – mango, a cup of rice, fish and veggies, and glasses of water. No iced tea this time… it’s a bit more difficult since I love iced tea so much – I just thought I would burp to satisfaction if I just drink water. But right now, I had to change: mind-setting.

Dinner: a slice of bread, oat meals and more water.

Again, I think today has been a good start, isn’t it?

Well, wish me luck. I hope this continues. :-)

♥♥♥ Myraine ♥♥♥

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My First Day Weight-Loss Activities

In my efforts to lose weight, I needed to talk to hubby (heart-to-heart and seriously) that he has to support me – encouraging and motivating me to shred out some unhealthy some fats and burn some unwanted calories. He plays a vital role in my urge to lose weight (i.e. he has to stop me eat another cup of rice, grab another slice of bread, get some crackers and chips from our storage box in-between meals, buy chocolates, chocolate drinks and many others, as well as stop eating midnight snacks with him. :-)

Well, I am so glad he said YES. He used to tolerate me – inviting, insisting or tempting me to have some food trip and eat more. He cooks yummy dishes that make me eat more. Oh, I could hardly resist these mouth-watering foods. Well, not this time, I think I really need someone who would be so strict to help me out. And honestly, it is Hubby.

Alright, first things first… we have to put healthier foods in our storage box. This would mean that we had to change the way we eat and the kinds of foods we bring inside. And today has been a good start.

Hubby and I (with Eieo) spent the weekend at the mall; we bought some groceries and had some shopping, too. Here’s some of my to-buy list to a healthier US:

Oat meals – we preferred Quaker oats – flavored, plain and original.
Cereals drinks
Milk – full cream
Yoghurt – ready to drink
Yakult – probiotic drink
Healthy Tuna
Pineapple juice
More fruits and veggies
Fruit juices
Decaffeinated coffee
Zero-trans Fat Creamer

Oh well, it is really true that healthier foods cost more expensive than the usual foods we buy from the grocery. But, I know these are all worth it. :)

One tip: It pays to read the labels. We shall not be deceived by those ads we see on TV.

Let’s be health-conscious not just to a slimmer and sexier body but to a healthier and happier US soon. :)

♥♥♥ Myraine ♥♥♥

I Will Start Today... Or Never!

I know I shall lose weight… not because I want to be slimmer, sexier and more appealing, charming or beautiful to the eyes of other people especially my husband, but because I want to feel better, look better and stay healthier.

I shall start now… we shall start now.

I hope that my endeavors and natural ways on how to lose weight and regain that hourglass figure will also be of great help to you, my dear readers. After all, I made this blog to be motivated and somehow be an inspiration to everyone.

So, let us all join hands and work harder towards a new, happier and healthier us soon. Look good. Feel good about ourselves.

Let’s be optimistic about this… Together, we will work this out… achieving that slim, sexy and healthy body. My dear friends, let start the journey and the fun start today!

This is my weight loss story. This is my blog. This is OUR place – a very good resource of health and fitness issues… journeying towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

God bless us and our heart’s desires. See you around. Hope to hear from you, too.

♥♥♥ Myraine ♥♥♥

Saturday, May 1, 2010

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