Sunday, May 2, 2010

My First Day Weight-Loss Activities

In my efforts to lose weight, I needed to talk to hubby (heart-to-heart and seriously) that he has to support me – encouraging and motivating me to shred out some unhealthy some fats and burn some unwanted calories. He plays a vital role in my urge to lose weight (i.e. he has to stop me eat another cup of rice, grab another slice of bread, get some crackers and chips from our storage box in-between meals, buy chocolates, chocolate drinks and many others, as well as stop eating midnight snacks with him. :-)

Well, I am so glad he said YES. He used to tolerate me – inviting, insisting or tempting me to have some food trip and eat more. He cooks yummy dishes that make me eat more. Oh, I could hardly resist these mouth-watering foods. Well, not this time, I think I really need someone who would be so strict to help me out. And honestly, it is Hubby.

Alright, first things first… we have to put healthier foods in our storage box. This would mean that we had to change the way we eat and the kinds of foods we bring inside. And today has been a good start.

Hubby and I (with Eieo) spent the weekend at the mall; we bought some groceries and had some shopping, too. Here’s some of my to-buy list to a healthier US:

Oat meals – we preferred Quaker oats – flavored, plain and original.
Cereals drinks
Milk – full cream
Yoghurt – ready to drink
Yakult – probiotic drink
Healthy Tuna
Pineapple juice
More fruits and veggies
Fruit juices
Decaffeinated coffee
Zero-trans Fat Creamer

Oh well, it is really true that healthier foods cost more expensive than the usual foods we buy from the grocery. But, I know these are all worth it. :)

One tip: It pays to read the labels. We shall not be deceived by those ads we see on TV.

Let’s be health-conscious not just to a slimmer and sexier body but to a healthier and happier US soon. :)

♥♥♥ Myraine ♥♥♥

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